I just realized that I have been giving my almost 6 month old the wrong formula/water ratio for the entire weekend. My husband went out of town Thursday, and he had honestly been giving her most of her bottles along with the nanny when she worked. So she was with the nanny all day Friday and then Fri night and the rest of the weekend until just now I have been giving her 7 ounces of water and 2.5 scoops of Earths Best organic formula, instead of 3.5.

I have read about too much water being HORRIBLE for babies. I called the nurse but am waiting on the call back. She has acted fine, was even smiling before bed. Her last bottle was when I somehow caught my mistake, so she probably was happy to have a bottle that wasn't watered down:(

Do you think she is fine? I can't believe what a stupid mistake that was. Terrible Mom FAIL