Our 13 week old has dropped how much he’s eating and I’m curious if you think it’s cause for concern, early teething, or just my mom brain fretting over a phase. 😅 Two weeks ago, he was guzzling 5 oz bm per feeding, 30 oz/day. Last week he suddenly dropped to 20-22 oz/day. His daycare teachers were trying hard to get 10 oz in him while there. His hands are always in his mouth, chewing on them, making his teachers wonder about early teething. He takes the bottle right away when he’s hungry and pushes it away when he’s done, and is still his very happy self, he’s just dropped his ounces by so much! Plenty of wet diapers throughout the day, about 1 bowel movement a day. I’m curious what others’ experiences are and what you experienced mamas think!