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IVF Thread #4

  1. SweetiePie

    honeydew / 7463 posts

    @Winnie13: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoy your dinner and roller coasters (I LOVE them and we don't go nearly enough, not even yearly!)

  2. MissKabers

    olive / 51 posts

    @SweetiePie: Thank you! We actually ended up triggering on Thursday night so we went in on Saturday morning for the retrieval. We were worried about how she would feel afterwards at the wedding - but I think she felt slightly better than before the retrieval, actually. We ended up not staying until the "bitter end" but I don't think people suspected much.

    We ended up getting 27 eggs! And as of yesterday 17 had fertilized. Now we are just waiting to see how many make it to day 3 and then day 5.

    Based on the number of embryos we are leaning towards PGS. Our insurance won't cover it - but they do require that you only transfer one at a time and that you use all frozen before another retrieval, which is another factor in making the decision.

    I feel a little odd about it - I don't want people to think we are trying to make the "perfect" baby - more than anything, I just want to have the "best shot" each time we transfer. We've requested that everyone remain blind to the sex of the embryos since (at least at this time) we want something to be a surprise.

    I hope everyone had a great weekend!

    @Winnie13: hope your birthday was wonderful! Cheesecake & roller coasters sound like perfection to me!

  3. Mrs. Pajamas

    kiwi / 702 posts

    @Winnie13 Happy Birthday! So glad stims are going well for you

    @SweetiePie that is crazy mind-blowing about PGD results coming back in one day. Mine definitely took at least 3 weeks but my embryos were already frozen so it didn't mess with our timeline at all. That's great news! I imagine it depends on the genetics lab your RE contracts with. We used FEC labs (based in NJ).

    @MissKabers congrats on a very successful retrieval. That is a great fert success rate. Will be thinking growing thoughts so you have lots of blasts. Will your clinic let them grow to day 3 or 5? PGD, though expensive, seems like it really does give people the "best shot" so I would not feel bad about going that route at all. The people in the "shared risk" program at my clinic are required to do PGD so it seems like that's the direction IVF is headed....

  4. yellowbeach

    nectarine / 2648 posts

    @MissKabers: What a great report - congrats! Keep us posted if you'll be Day 3 or Day 5

  5. SweetiePie

    honeydew / 7463 posts

    @MissKabers: wow, 27 eggs is amazing and what an outstanding fert report! Keep us updated.

    @Mrs. Pajamas: yeah so, turns out the "learning module is incorrect and outdated" and it still takes the standard 2-3 weeks for results.
    I mean, I knew it sounded too good to be true since I've done the PGD thing before, but man was I hoping it was true
    But I did tell the office that it's pretty strange that the module ONLY says it takes 24 hours and no other option. Pretty misleading.

  6. Winnie13

    kiwi / 501 posts

    @MissKabers: What an awesome fert report! Congrats!!

    I had my baseline this morning and I had several abnormal follies. They are pretty big too, around 12mm. I was so concerned that I was going to be pushed back another cycle. The nurse told me as long as they aren't giving off hormones, I'm ok. She said they didn't look like they would be, and she was right! My E2 is 80 and my P4 is .3. Thinking we are on track for the 22nd! I'll get confirmation tomorrow, but my nurse said an elevated E2 usually isn't a problem for FET. So thankful! Trusting in the Lord and taking it one step at a time!

  7. SweetiePie

    honeydew / 7463 posts

    @Winnie13: Wonderful news! The 22nd will be here before you know it!

  8. SweetiePie

    honeydew / 7463 posts

    So my Meds were sent to the wrong address. That's fun!
    Fortunately I ordered them for 9 days before I need them so it wasn't total panic. I went to the building next to mine when I realized where it was sent and it is a Radiology office. They were closed (it was 10:30pm last night). Went back when they opened at 7am and two lovely ladies helped me track them down.
    Basically the FedEx guy took it to the wrong address (the fertility pharmacy had it right on the package), a doctor signed for it even though it was the wrong address, then the assistant took it to put it away (since it said to refrigerate) BUT NEVER REFRIGERATED IT. They found the box of Meds sitting in a storage area. Thank goodness the ice packs were still cold and my gonal-F is fine.
    So it was a bit of a hectic morning but all is well that ends well.

    Oh, and I asked my coordinator about that weird "day 6" transfer thing in their learning module for PGD. She said "no it's 2-3 weeks". I explained that was what I expected but their education materials ONLY state 24 hour turn around and say 6 transfer. It's not even "in some cases". She's new, so She then told her supervisor and she said "oh yeah, we are aware it needs to be updated". 🙄 1) so update it. 2) maybe give your patients a disclosure before they watch it!

  9. Mrs. Pajamas

    kiwi / 702 posts

    @Winnie13 that's exactly what I am dealing with--cyst on a follicle and elevated E2. Hope yours is not as bad as mine and that the 22nd is a go.

    @SweetiePie what a nightmare with all the crossed wires but looks like all is good. Ugh. So what is your estimated retrieval and transfer date given PGD and freeze all and whatnot. Maybe we'll be on the same timeline? Also was your DS a PGD normal embryo? Did you get your BFP for him on the first try? I'm so nervous for another BFN even with my normal embyros!

  10. Mrs. Pajamas

    kiwi / 702 posts

    @MissKabers any update?

  11. SweetiePie

    honeydew / 7463 posts

    @Mrs. Pajamas: they haven't given me an estimated date for retrieval yet but based on the timeline of stims it will likely be around 9/23. Then figure maybe a month later for transfer, so like Oct 23 or there about? Assuming I have any normals.

    Yes! My son was from my first round of IVF with PGD. Of the 8 tested, he was the only normal one, and my RE was thrilled we found him on the first try. That's why I'm nervous that this time (3 years older) I won't have any. But I'm trying to be positive. It would be an absolute miracle if more than one was normal and I don't even know what we'd do!

  12. SweetiePie

    honeydew / 7463 posts

    @MissKabers: dying to hear an update!

  13. Winnie13

    kiwi / 501 posts

    @Mrs. Pajamas: I guess my E2 wasn't elevated for them because I never got the call to stop. I started my estrogen this morning, so I'm sure it will go up for my next visit. My nurse didn't seem too concerned with my follicles, and she said they were left over from my retrieval. They were not producing hormones. We will see what my next scan shows. I'm sure I'll have some crazy high estrogen levels then... just hoping my P4 stays low! Hoping your cyst goes away quickly so you can move forward!

    @SweetiePie: That is so crazy about your meds! So glad they got to you safe and sound! What a stressful day!! Very excited for you!

  14. PointeShoesTutus

    clementine / 797 posts

    @SweetiePie: glad your meds turned up. I would have had a heart attack if that happened to me.

    Fingers crossed I can trigger tonight. I'm bloated, cranky, and sore. Everything is looking really good though so I shouldn't complain. At my ultrasound two days ago, they found 14 mature/nearly mature and a bunch more almost there.

  15. SweetiePie

    honeydew / 7463 posts

    @PointeShoesTutus: that's great! Fingers crossed for you to trigger! So you'd have retrieval on Sunday?

  16. PointeShoesTutus

    clementine / 797 posts

    @SweetiePie: Yep! Just spoke with RE. Lupron trigger tonight at 8 and retrieval booked for 7am Sunday morning. I'm beyond excited

  17. SweetiePie

    honeydew / 7463 posts

    @PointeShoesTutus: good luck tomorrow morning

  18. yellowbeach

    nectarine / 2648 posts

    @PointeShoesTutus: Ditto @SweetiePie - Best of luck this morning!!! Give us an update when you feel up to it

  19. PointeShoesTutus

    clementine / 797 posts

    @SweetiePie: & @yellowbeach: Thanks! Retrieval went really well. The doctor got 20 eggs!!! Still a bit groggy and definitely sore and bloated. Looking forward to the fert report tomorrow

  20. SweetiePie

    honeydew / 7463 posts

    @PointeShoesTutus: 🎉 That's awesome! Woohoo 20! Get lots of rest...ice cream and movies and maybe enjoy a glass of wine while you can

  21. Winnie13

    kiwi / 501 posts

    @PointeShoesTutus: That's awesome news!! Can't wait to hear the fert report! Wishing you all the best!

  22. PointeShoesTutus

    clementine / 797 posts

    Got the call that we have 9 fertilized and growing away! Fingers crossed they all make it to biopsy on day 5/6

  23. yellowbeach

    nectarine / 2648 posts

    @PointeShoesTutus: yippee! Here's to 9 wonderful embies

  24. SweetiePie

    honeydew / 7463 posts

    @PointeShoesTutus: alright!!! 9 is a FANTASTIC start!

  25. Mrs. Pajamas

    kiwi / 702 posts

    @Pointeshoestutus huge congrats on a great first fert report. Will be thinking growing thoughts for you in the next few days!

    AF showed up over the weekend so I went in for CD3 monitoring this morning and the cyst is gone and I have a ton of follicles so I'm "more than ready to go" as the RE said you did my u/s. I'm so relieved and feeling in such a better place emotionally for this FET. Fingers crossed our move helps to keep me distracted and we make it through all the craziness coming our way!

    Hope everyone else is doing well!

  26. SweetiePie

    honeydew / 7463 posts

    @Mrs. Pajamas: hooray for the green light! Glad you are finding a positive in the madness of a big move! I agree, distractions like that are great!

  27. LibbyLou

    kiwi / 739 posts

    Hi everyone.

    I have been stalking because I had a feeling I would be joining soon. In the middle of an IUI cycle and just got DH's SA back and it was much worse than anticipated. So we are moving to ivf protocol next month. We are dealing with low AMH on my end and low counts and mobility on DH end. Husband is a weird case as we got pregnant unassisted last May that ended in an ectopic and he had a normal (but low) count 45days ago. The last two have been nearly zeros though. He is freezing a sample Friday to ensure at least one cycle of Ivf.
    Just thought I would delurk and introduce myself to everyone. I'm sure as a noob I'll have lots of silly questions and worries.

  28. Amorini

    persimmon / 1132 posts

    @LibbyLou: So sorry you have to be here! Sending hugs. I know it's already been a journey for you. The good news is that IVF actually works quite a bit of the time! And all you need is one of his sperm to make a baby. We deal/dealt with MFI and, as my RE said, ICSI basically cancels out any MFI issues so we just needed to focus on getting a couple good eggs. Still it's so stressful going through it. I just wish you lots of good self-care and a smooth process.

  29. NorthStar

    pear / 1881 posts

    @LibbyLou: I wish you didn't have to be here either! I know that you have been trying a long time, but I agree with @Amorini: that in so many cases, IVF does work. And to be completely honest, I found it to be much less stressful than my IUI rounds. There is so much planned out with IVF, that you don't have to worry too much about the process itself. I would recommend doing some things for yourself now in preparation of IVF (if you are not already). These are some of the things that I did that helped during my last round (which was successful): 600mg of CoQ10 or Ubiquonol to help with egg quality. Your DH can also take 300mg for sperm quality. Limiting gluten and dairy products in your diet (to help reduce bloating of your system). I'll see what else I can think of, but I have more suggestions come transfer time.

    I would also recommend this podcast: Beat Infertility

    There is one specific podcast episode all about IVF, so some of your questions might be answered there. There is also a community of women here, so if you have other questions that we can't answer here at Hellobee, it might be a resource:


    I wish you the best of luck!!!

  30. Mrs. Pajamas

    kiwi / 702 posts

    @LibbyLou I'm also dealing with MFI and agree with what the others have said. We're here to support you on this journey. Good luck!

  31. LibbyLou

    kiwi / 739 posts

    @Amorini: @northstar @mrs pajamas thank you! I will definitely look into those podcasts! DH has celiacs so we are mainly GF but this is a good reminder for me to be villigant! And thanks for any tips and vitamins, I'll need them. Glad to know that ivf can actually be less stressful. ill keep you all posted on how the consult and freeze of sperm goes!

  32. MissKabers

    olive / 51 posts

    Hi ladies - I hope that you all had a great long weekend. Ours was crazy with traveling to CA to visit family and meet our newest niece (it was really bittersweet and harder for me than i thought it would be since we've been trying since before she was "oopsie" conceived. trying to work through of all that - and i am sure that some of you can relate)

    As for an update - we had a bit of drama surrounding paperwork (surprise!) that was lost and the office calling us literally as we were boarding the plane saying we needed to come back and re-sign it. Thankfully, that all got taken care of, but UGH!

    We sent 7 to test last Friday. I have to say - I think we both thought it would be more, but we are still really happy with that. And hopefully through the testing we'll end up with a few really strong embryos that give us the babe that is meant to be It is looking like an early to mid-October transfer, which i have a feeling will be here before we know it!

    @SweetiePie: ugh - the wrong address?! What a crazy mix up!

    @Mrs. Pajamas: so glad that you are "ready to go!" good luck on the exciting move!

    @LibbyLou: good luck! i am so sorry that you're on this board but I am hopeful that IVF will be an easy road for you

  33. MissKabers

    olive / 51 posts

    @PointeShoesTutus: that's a great #! Do you get a day 3 update or only on day 5/6? (for some reason I thought we got one but I guess it isn't standard) Crossing my fingers they all make it a few more days!

  34. Mrs. Pajamas

    kiwi / 702 posts

    @misskabers--wow 7 embryos that is amazing. Will be thinking good thoughts for your testing results. Hopefully you two can relax for the next few weeks until the transfer. I'll be right around the same time as you!

  35. PointeShoesTutus

    clementine / 797 posts

    @MissKabers: we may be transfer buddies! I'm hoping for an early October transfer as well. Fingers crossed for your 7 being tested. I didn't even think to ask about a Day 3 report. I've been super uncomfortable since retrieval and apparently have moderate OHSS. I spoke with my RE today but didn't think to ask him about the embies. He said to call Friday for an update. Praying that all 9 are dividing & growing strong!

  36. MissKabers

    olive / 51 posts

    @Mrs. Pajamas: Yes! the plan is a bit of rest and relaxation after a crazy summer. So excited that we might be transferring at the same time!

    @PointeShoesTutus: oh no! I am sorry that you're dealing with that - can they give you anything to take? very excited that we'll have a couple of transfer buddies on this board!

  37. Amorini

    persimmon / 1132 posts

    @PointeShoesTutus: Ugh. Sorry to hear. I had mild-to-moderately bad OHSS. The experience has not left my memory!!! I drank electrolyte liquids (smart water) and liquid protein drinks and just took it very easy for like 4-6 weeks! I had spontaneous ovarian torsion which was super painful and scary so please just take it super easy and call the doctor if it gets worse and not better. Sounds like you are doing a freeze-all if you are going to transfer in October (sorry not following all of the details!) which is really the best for you!

    @MissKabers: Yay for 7!

  38. SweetiePie

    honeydew / 7463 posts

    @LibbyLou: Sorry to have you join us, but more than happy to help you in any way we can. xoxoxo feel free to share as much or as little as you like during the process.

  39. SweetiePie

    honeydew / 7463 posts

    @MissKabers: sorry I'm behind, but 7 is great for testing. I had 7 last time and only one was good but that's all it took.

    @PointeShoesTutus: sending some healing thoughts your way. No experience but I hear OHSS sucks big time. I'm more afraid of it this time since my doc is being very aggressive with meds. Please keep us updated on how you're feeling.

  40. SweetiePie

    honeydew / 7463 posts

    AFM, I had my kickoff monitoring this morning. All looks good! No cysts and I got my orders to start injections tonight. Tonight I'll do both Gonal-F and Menopur and over the rest of the weekend I'll do gonal-F in the morning and Menopur in the evening. I can't remember if I did that last time, is that standard? Amazing how fuzzy the memory gets!

    I forwarded the instructions for my injections to my husband and at the end they also mentioned "make sure your husband takes his two azithromycin tomorrow evening with food" and my husband replied sarcastically "yes, just doing my part. Don't say I didn't have to participate in this process." 😂

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