With DS1 I got a wicked case of mastitis when he slept a 7 hour stretch out of the blue at 4 weeks. It was a textbook case - hit me hard and suddenly with fever, chills, aches and a bright red area on my boob.

I'm 3 weeks postpartum with DS2, and have been feeling kind of meh off and on for a few days. I pushed myself a bit hard this weekend so I figured I just overdid it. I was feeling fine this morning but as the day wore on I got chills and body aches. Felt a lot like mastitis but no fever and no excessive boob pain. I took my temp and no fever so I figured I was just still run down. Well I just noticed a bright red and hot area on my boob. It doesn't really hurt though.

So is this mastitis? Has anyone had a case like this?