We went out of town last week and LO3 came down with a fever and stuffy nose. Long story short, he didn't nurse very much and I was without a pump..

Now, this week, my pumping output has gone down considerably and I have been dipping into my freezer stash.

I'm not so good about drinking a lot of water, so I've been trying to keep that up and bring my supply back to what it was. I've also had a few cups of Mothers Milk Tea, but haven't seen a significant increase. I would like to avoid adding another pumping session into my day. LO3 is back to nursing fine, in fact he seems to be nursing more at night so my usual morning pump output has gone down a few ounces...

Is there anything you'd recommend for me to take (pill?) or eat (cookie?) that I can buy quickly off of Amazon? I'm not huge tea drinker and would prefer something ready to go as I'd like to avoid having to shop for ingredients to make a batch of cookies hehe.