So LO has thrush--both in her mouth and a yeast diaper rash. The doctor gave us nystatin cream for the diaper rash and some kind of drops for LOs mouth.

I BF with a nipple shield, but I can only assume that if LO has it in her mouth (white spots all over the inside of her lips), that it's probably on my nipples, too, right?

And now that I'm thinking about it, they do hurt a bit, but I just thought it was LOs bad latch. I guess I need to make a doctor's appointment with my OB, but what should I do for my nips in the meantime?

Do I boil the nipple shields? Can they even be boiled? How long do I boil them? Do I REALLY have to boil the shields every time I use them? (guess I will need to buy a lot more, so I don't have to be boiling overnight).

Blah....I'm pretty down about this. We already have BFing issues and now this.