Please talk me through the logistics of nursing and formula feeding. LO2 is 9 months old and is currently EBF. I go back to work in a few weeks and don’t want to deal with the hassle of pumping at work. I’m moving schools and don’t want to figure out the logistics of pumping in a new setting and it’s very stressful leaving my students multiple times a day to pump. Add on to that, continual nipple pain on one side since day 1 and I’m about ready to stop nursing, but not entirely.

My plan is to give formula during the day while he’s at daycare and nurse while we are together until a year and then wean him completely.

I saw a formula chart that says for babies 9-12 months old to give 3 bottles of 7-8 oz of milk a day. Since I plan to combo feed, how much formula should I give instead? We are usually apart 9-10 hours during the day when he’s at daycare. I’d like to nurse him in the mornings around 6 am. Is 3 bottles of formula while he’s at daycare too much? He loves solids and is doing really well with them.

Thank you ladies!