I think the perks of my MIL living with us for 2-4 weeks at a time for grandma care has come to an end. For my sanity and our marriage, I will pay to put the kids in daycare (maybe a nanny if I find one that we love.) They are almost 11 months so it's a good time for them to start socializing.

Sadly, it was MIL and step FIL's politics that I couldn't stand any further. There's been things that have been said on social media on my wall (then deleted) and then little mutterings while the news was on. I tried to ignore it and leave the room when the news was on.

I, also, think MIL living in our house for that long made me not exactly comfortable in my house. We never really had our privacy.

I will totally admit that it was great for the first 4 months. She loves the babies and it was so great having her. I really appreciated what she did for us, but this introvert needed some private space!

I think the only way I could have her be grandma care again is if she went 'home' at night or if we found a place with an in law suite. (She lives out of state.)