Help needed!

I'm teaching a small "pod" of kids for the year. We are at someone else's house, she keeps a beautiful backyard and has a ton of flower beds that, while beautiful, the kids shouldn't go into starting in the spring.

The kids have been very destructive outside. We don't have a lot of behavioral problems among the kids, but they break stuff constantly. This isn't a problem for any of the families individually, but when the kids get together they're a bit wild. Mostly because I think they're bored. Understandably, the mom whose house it is has stopped putting toys outside because they just get broken.

Right now it's icy, and likely to be icy and muddy for the next 1-2 months. When there's fresh snow, or in the warmer weather, the kids do a lot better. But I'm worried about the next couple months.

So, with all of that said, does anyone know of any (fairly cheap) outdoor equipment we could put out there? Kiddos are K or 2nd graders.