Hey all

My son started JK (JESUS👏TAKE👏THE👏WHEEL👏) and I have to make lunches ⚰️

I fell down the lunch rabbit hole HARD! I bought my body weight in silicone cups and food picks and I’m 1 sandwich cutter away from needing a full blown 12 step program.

I started an IG page to keep myself accountable in using this sh*t and prevent myself from packing warm hotdogs and KD for lunch (which in 3 weeks may very well be happening... but in cute silicone cups at least)

ANYWAY.... Short story LONG - if you want some totally average(ish), healthy(ish), cute(ish) lunch ideas - add me on Instagram!


(I’m not selling anything or pushing any product... just me and my weirdo lunch making)

How are you handling lunch packing? Have you fallen down the crazy lunch rabbit hole like I have?