I have posted in the past.

I just found out that after 18 months of TTC and irregular periods and no ovulation I have PCOS. I just moved to a new city and a new Obgyn (3rd in 18 months) and she took a transvaginal ultrasound and immediately was like, yep, you have classic cystic ovaries.

My bloodwork last July and August was normal, except for low/normal AMH for my age (28) - 0.99. I'd previously had a transvaginal ultrasound but the doctor didn't note any abnormalities. What. the. heck. How did it taken 18 months of irregular periods for this to get diagnosed?

My last bloodwork (which we're redoing):

Testosterone Total-<10
Free Testosterone0.12
Antimullerian Hormone 0.99

However, this diagnosis does raise other questions for me, I am 5'7'' and weight 140 with a BMI of 22. I work out 3-4x per week and eat healthy. I don't have acne, thin hair, or painful periods. I don't miss cycles although they do fluctuate between 29-35 days. I don't fit the standard "profile." I don't have really elevated FSH and my AMH is low, which I hear is actually the opposite of most PCOS.

It's great to know what's going on, and the doctor was NOT worried about the AMH given my age and good health, but I'm just confused. She also seemed to think I'll respond well to Clomid/Metformin when the time is right.

Anyone else in a similar situation?