My son just turned 1 and is happy, healthy and a very picky eater! I think he is just too into life these days (he just started walking) and can’t be bothered to sit still and eat a proper meal. He only eats small amounts of food, even his favorites (avocado, pasta, tofu, fruit, yogurt). Things he doesn’t like get tossed on the floor! I’m still giving him bottles of cow’s milk (against my pediatrician’s advice to switch to cups) because it’s the only way he’ll drink a decent amount of milk. Otherwise, he just takes a few sips from a cup and tosses it aside.

I feel like I’m spending a lot of time buying and preparing food - trying to find something he likes, so he will eat! I’ve made every manner of veggie pancake, sweet pancakes with fruit, mac & cheese, grilled cheese, etc. We are wasting so much food! In case you’re wondering, he is healthy. His weight has slipped into the 7th percentile, but the pediatrician thinks he is doing fine (his height and head circumference are fine, he is hitting all his milestones). And he doesn’t show any signs that he isn’t tolerating the food – he is just a happy little guy who would rather run around.

Anyway, I don’t even feel like I’m asking for advice, as much as commiseration. I just keep sending him to daycare with a bento box with small amounts of LOTS of things. I’m always tempted to give him empty calories (like lots of juice or unhealthy sweets), but am trying to resist the temptation. Is there anyone else who has a really picky eater? Any advice? Favorite foods I have yet to try? Thanks for reading!