So my husband and I eat a mostly plant-based diet.
We also batch cook, eating the same thing all week.
We barely eat anything processed, everything is made from scratch on sundays for the week.

So my question is, what do you other plant-based, vegetarian, or vegan mama's feed your toddlers? DD is 13 mo, and now loves to eat all by herself. No spoon feeding allowed! But I'm stuck on proteins and quick fix ideas.

I personally eat eggs, quinoa, and hemp seeds for the majority of my protein. But she can't grab rice or quinoa and she already eats eggs for breakfast every day!

I haven't tried giving her beans yet - I'm afraid of causing gas and tummy upset. But I'm sure this will become a diet staple.
DH & I will eat Morningstar farms stuff (breakfast sausage and burger patties) occasionally, when we don't have time to cook. But there is so much soy in these products, I'm not sure I should be giving them to DD.

She does get a full balanced lunch at daycare (meat/cheese protein, fruit & veggie), so this is more about weekends and dinners.

So I guess this really boils down to two questions:
1)What plant-based/vegetarian/vegan protein do you feed your young toddlers?

)What quick plant-based/vegetarian/vegan processed foods do you feed your young toddlers? (and i'll take other ideas as well!)