So...I'm starting to notice issues with my supply (I have dropped from 4oz a session to now sometimes below 3oz a session)...not sure if its because my cycle is starting back up maybe?, I am super stressed, I'm sick...or what - maybe all of the above! But anyways DD is 5 mos old tomorrow. I have already made it longer than I did with DD1 which I am thrilled about. But I would like to push through...

Current State-
Diet: No recent changes
Water Intake: No recent changes
Current Nursing: First thing (AM) around 6/6:30am usually; after work around 6-7pm. She nurses for about 5-8min per side.
Current Bottles: two 6oz bottles of BM at daycare (10:30am and 2:30pm); one 8oz bottle of formula before bed.
Current Pumping: AM (either before she wakes or right before I leave for work if she was up early), 10:30am (15 mins - 3oz), 2:30pm (15 mins - barely 3 oz), before bed (15 mins - 3/3.5 oz). My morning session output depends...if she was up early and I am pumping after her nursing I usually get 1.5-2oz; however if I get up and pump around 5am I get 4oz then stop so I dont diminish what she gets at 6/630.

I just started taking Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle. I am also taking 2 drops of Fennel Oil a day.

I am thinking of adding a power pumping session...I have the following questions:
1) How often do you do these? Everyday for a few days or indefinitely?
2) Would you do the power pumping at 12:30pm-1:30pm and bump my last pumping session at work to 3:30pm? Or would you do it at nighttime before I go to bed? I am thinking of waking up at 3 or 4am so I can get a full session in and not be worried about her quantity.

Ok - would love input on power pumping...and any other constructive critiques of my current situation!