Ok, I have a question.
Can I start pumping before I give birth? This is my second child & I am strictly considering breastfeeding OMLY for my 2nd one. I had such a hard time with my first one since I had to have aN emergency csection and I woke up 8 hours later after her birth since my body went into shock. So by the time I woke up and taken to my room my DD had already taken a few bottle feedings and she didn't want to latch. I saw the lactation consultant and she helped me with the latching but my DD was so upset that her food wasn't as fast as the first feedings. I did ended up breastfeeding for just 5 months since she decided to wake up one day and realize she didn't like my milk !!! I was devastated! So with this second one I have decided to breastfeed exclusively but with my daughter I got milk two days after she was born, so I am wondering if I can start pumping and freezing milk sometime before my schedule csection. I have a friend that did that with her last baby and she had a whole lot of supply by the time her baby was born! The baby will be a month old and she is now pumping about 6oz from each breast every 2 hours!!!!! I honestly envy her Hahaha!! She started pumping 2 weeks before her schedule csection and didon't go into labor or anything like that. She said she did have light contractions but that's it. So, I really need help! I forgot to ask mY obgyn on my last visit but I will definitely ask her next month's appointment! Buy I'd love to hear from other moms !!!