The breastfeeding really got me thinking. I have always wanted to breastfeed. I never really considered going last 1 year until lo was born and since he's a preemie, I think the added duration would be even more beneficial.

I've been exclusively pumping since he was born. He got bm for about 4 months, but was having such severe reflux that we switched to Enfamil AR and it made a huge difference ( it's been about 10 days now). I am definitely going to stick with the AR for now because he's eating so well, but my plan is still to go back to breastmilk if/when possible.

But I think it would probably be feasible to feed him some breastmilk each day.

Basically my question is how much breastmilk does. Baby need in order to have a benefit for health? Of course more is better, but wouldn't they get immunities, etc from just a little bit?

Any suggestions for me?