For those who have ventured before us...

- What ages did you trial dairy/soy?
- What foods did you try?
- Did you see a GI doc or allergist through this process? Or just your ped?

Babe got diagnosed at 3 months with both a milk and soy intolerance (tons of spitup and mucousy poop - no colic symptoms). I've since eliminated both from my diet and am still breastfeeding. She's almost 9 months and though I plan on not having dairy around in the future too much, it'd be so nice to eat out and not stress about trace amounts in our food. So yes, we're hoping to test the waters a bit! Any tips you can give us would be much appreciated! We haven't seen anyone other than her pediatrician (who said just stop eating dairy/soy - nothing else) and I'm wondering if we should consult with anyone else before starting.