We are eyeing 2 private schools to apply to their pre-k program next year. We have actually visited them during their open houses last year but we decided to wait one more year (we are currently attending preschool at our daycare, goddard school, which we liked). One of them is preschool - 8, and the other is preschool - 12.

While we did talk to them last year we still have quite a few questions unanswered, and of course you can't really tell what is potentially questionable, or which one is a better fit for your own kid just via a 2 hour visit at an open house. I am drafting an email to ask some of my questions I have. What are some of the questions you would ask?

Right now I am interested in knowing about their field trips, drop off times and extended attendance programs. I am also interested in knowing how will the preschool-8 school help a student find/transition to a different school for 9-12.

Thanks for your input!