Long story short, our daycare is closed for two weeks during the summer, so we've been having a temp nanny come to our house so DH and I can continue working. This cost is largely subsidized through a partnership my employer has with care.com - the nanny is actually an employee of care.com, and receives full benefits and a salary through them, and thus, doesn't accept tips.

BUT - she has been seriously SO amazing with my boys. Every time I check on them with our camera system, she's down on the floor playing games with them or entertaining them with books/crafts/puppets and who knows what else. I can hear giggling before the video even turns on.

So that being said, does anyone have any ideas for a thank you gift (non-monetary) for her? I know literally nothing about her other than the fact that she's in her late 40s, punctual, and some kind of child-entertaining wonder.