DD is 9 months old, and has been on solids for about three months. In the last six weeks, she's been getting really excited about food and is now eating three "meals" each day, consisting mainly of purées and yogurt, but also small nibbles of what we are eating when appropriate. The problem? Over the last week or two, she has started pooping excessively. Every time she has food or breastmilk, she has a poopy diaper shortly after. We are getting a whole rainbow of colors and consistencies (ew, I know, sorry!) which makes me think it's not a tummy bug. She didn't show any signs of food intolerances previously, and teething could definitely be a factor. She's getting a pretty bad diaper rash, even though I change her quickly each time.

Anyone else's LO go from 1-3 poops a day to upwards of 6?! 8?! I don't even know?! I suspect she was eating a lot more than usual with her grandparents last week when this started (I was traveling), but I have had her back with me since Friday, and the poop thing is ongoing. Just trying to gauge if this is normal or if a trip to her doctor seems to be in order. I don't remember my other kids pooping this much, but feel like some if my friends' kids may have gone through stages like this and they were just temporary...?!