Got my 7 year old's teacher assignment yesterday and found out that not only is he not with any of his friends, he's in a split 2/3 class (he's going into grade 2), and I'm freaking out a little bit. Does anybody have any experience with split grades? How do they work? I'm having a hard time figuring out how both grades are going to be equally balanced. I'm also worried about him socially, because he's already pretty small for his age and now he's going to be in a group of bigger kids. Plus apparently his split class is in a "divided classroom" (from what I understand, one giant classroom that sometimes uses white boards to split it into two classrooms) with another grade 3 class, so I'm worried that all his friends will end up a grade above him and next year he won't know anybody.

Basically I'm a mess and trying not to let him see because he seems pretty cool with it. If anybody has any information they could use to talk me down, I'd appreciate it.