We are starting my son's trial week at daycare today. We thought about inching into it, doing a half day today, maybe even tomorrow. But I think we're going to see how he does. Right now? I'm a wreck.

I know he'll do great. I know this is the right decision for us. I know this will become our new normal. And I know I can't hold him in my arms forever. But man...oh man...

My husband is doing the drop off. I don't think I could even walk out the door if I had to drop him off today. I'm trying to hold it together. But I just can't stop thinking about him there with all of these new people, and no mom and dad.

He's 7 1/2 months old now. He's been home with me for 3 months, and then my husband stayed home for 4 months. I know the longer we put this off the harder it will be.

Any words of encouragement from those of you who have been there? Should I just stock up on tissues and let the tears flow until they dry up?