My EBF 8 month old had a stomach virus on Friday night and then I got it yesterday. It has killed my supply! I had to dip into my milk for daycare this week and barely had enough for her bottles today.

I tried giving her frozen milk last night and she wouldn't take it (the lipase thing, I presume). So, I made up a bottle of a sample can of formula that I had here. She gagged and refused that as well.

I know my supply should pick back up one I get back to eating and drinking normally, but any tips on how to manage in the short-term?

I asked daycare to only give 2 bottles today (if possible) and fill her up with solids to give me at least one bottle for tomorrow. I have a feeling that I'm not going to get enough for her though.

Has anyone had luck going cold turkey with supplementing (vs. mixing w/ breastmilk and increasing)? Any suggested formulas that may taste most like breastmilk?