I got a (minor?) cold last weekend that started with a little sore throat with it peaking on Xmas day with a minor fever (99.8) and I'm finally starting to feel better today. However, it seems that since Monday, my supply has totally tanked, and it wasn't high to start with so now I'm worried if my baby is eating enough. I went from being able to pump about 3-4 oz every 3ish hours to only getting 1-2 every 3 hours tops. This also coincided with when I went from pumping/feeding both sides every 2-4 hrs, to feeding each side every 6-8 hours due to him sleeping longer overnight and napping or skipping meals for some reason. The first time I went over 6 hrs, my boobs were about to explode, now they barely feel like there's anything and I can only pump 1.5-2 oz. Could my supply have tanked that quickly from the change in feeding, or can a cold affect it that much?