My 7-month old is on his second course of antibiotics and after a few days of worsening nipple pain, and connecting the dots with his new diaper rash, I realized we are dealing with thrush! His pediatrician sent in prescriptions for nystatin for my DS, a nystatin cream for his diaper rash, and a 1x dose of 150mg of fluconazole for me. I was thinking that fluconazole would be more than 1 day, so I'm a little confused. I'm waiting to hear back from a LC, who can hopefully answer some of my questions.

Anyone have any other tips to beat this as quickly as possible? Nursing and pumping are excruciating and now my nipples are starting to bleed a little. I plan to use a vinegar and water solution after nursing/pumping and apply Lotrimin. We're also going to wash clothes, towels, etc. carefully. I'm guessing we should also put away his soft toys and wash his other toys every night. And I also got a probiotic with acidophilus in it, which I've heard can be good to give to the baby too, but it has 20 billion CFUs. Would he need a whole capsule?