Hi all! I go back to work in about six weeks, LO will be approx 12m. At first, I decided I wasn’t going to wean from BF and just have whoever is caring for him give him milk in a sippy cup or bottle and nurse when I’m with him... but I do shift work and keep second guessing my decision bc I’m worried he won’t adjust well to a sippy cup or bottle. I’ve been giving him a sippy cup with water for practice... my other thought is that I’ll probably end up drying up anyway since I do shift work so should I just wean him to make the transition easier for him? I know this decision is a matter of preference, there’s just many factors I’m thinking about. If I could continue to BF knowing he’d adjust well I’d keep doing it... is giving him water in a sippy cup enough practice? He does know how to drink from the straw cup but never drinks big amounts of water. Should I try a bottle instead or is that going backwards? Or should I consider weaning so I can help him myself with the transition and it’s not as stressful for him? TIA!!!!