I have over 200 oz in my freezer that I stored before we realized my milk probably had lipase. She originally took a bottle very young so I started pumping and freezing. Then at 3.5 months we reintroduced the bottle and she wouldn't take it. After 3 weeks of refusal we scalded the milk and now at daycare she's taking it fine.

I'm hoping there is still hope I can use this freezer stash! I'm already barely pumping 12 oz and she probably needs at least that, if not more like 15-16oz. I'm going to start by trying to do a 3:1 ratio of scalded vs frozen to see if we can dilute it enough that she would still drink it. If you tried this, what was the ratio you went with? Were you ever able to get to fully using the frozen lipase milk from a bottle? I know I can save it for solids but we want to do as much BLW as possible so there wont be much opportunity for mixing with purees.