Ladies, I'm so torn on what to do about trying to give K bottles of pumped milk. Since 2 months (we had a bout of Thrush), she basically refuses to drink from the bottle if I'm nearby. She will push it out with her tongue, or let milk just dribble out the side of her mouth. I'm still not sure if she's really drinking the milk when I'm not there since she always ends up with an outfit change when I get back home (making me think, she let at least half the milk drip out her mouth.)

Since I'm a SAHM and EBF, this isn't usually a problem for me. But on occasion when we go to a party or social event, I'll pump milk and bring it just-in-case. No exaggeration, but I end up having to toss almost every bottle I bring out. Such the case yesterday, I pumped 4 oz. fresh to bring. DH tried to feed her at the other end of the party. Less than a minute later, DH brings her back to me, soaking wet and still hungry. So I nurse.

Now, KellyMom and other sources say this milk is no longer good after 4 hours right? It's touched her lips. And that's it. So I should toss? It's starting to get heartbreaking to pump and toss almost every time. But parents are always telling me to just bring a bottle of milk and they'll feed her.

What to do? Do you really follow the breastmilk guidelines? Is this milk a total waste?