My 8 month old takes 4 7-8 oz bottles a day. He gets solids 2x a day, more as a snack rather than a real meal. Yesterday, he refused to finish all but his last bottle. I wonder if he's ready to taper down on his formula intake. I still feed him purees or super soft foods only. He has no interest in finger foods whatsoever (I put it in front of him and he has no idea what to do with the food).
So, do I amp up the quantity and variety of purees I'm giving him, in order to compensate for the smaller amount of formula he's taking? So far I've just been giving him set amounts of solids, and I wonder if I should just keep feeding him until he stops eating himself (rather than me limiting how much he gets).
When did your LO taper down on bottle feeds? Did you increase solids as a result?