My LO is 8 months old and she's in a pattern of widely divergent amounts of milk she takes each day. She drinks pumped milk when I work, and is in daycare three days a week and with grandmas two days a week.

On the daycare days she'll take like 14 ounces or more, and then on the days she's home with her grandma's she really only takes two bottles for a max of 8 ounces. I kind of suspect they overfeed her at daycare but I've stopped really fighting about it and just send the milk they want. At home our moms just say she's distracted and not really into taking the bottles. The amount she nurses doesn't seem to change that much depending on how much she drank while we were apart.

I'm less worried than curious - has anyone experienced anything similar? Should I assume daycare is dumping milk down the drain (kidding...)?

Oh, and she does nap at home and barely naps at daycare, so I am sure that is at play, it just seems like a big gap in consumption across the different settings.