DD is in a private preschool. She has two teachers and a few aides that are in her classroom daily. There have been a handful of times when I pick her up her shoes are on the wrong feet, yes she hasn't figured this "mystery" out yet. And yes, I get it, they are trying to teach her and make her learn and they aren't her parents BUT on two of those occasions she got bad blisters on the sides of her feet, bloody/skin off type and they hurt her for a few days afterwards. (and she had scabs for about 1 week each time)

I was going to say something at the conference but the moment never came up and I ended up not saying anything.

Well yesterday I picked her up and her shoes were on the wrong feet again. I asked when she took off her shoes and she said she took them off in the morning classroom to play dress up. SO that is before 9 am. She then proceeded to go through the entire day with them on the wrong feet and even had SOCCER practice that way!!

Am I wrong to think ONE of the adults/teachers/aides should have noticed this and told her???? They don't have to change them for her but tell her!!!

It's the FIRST thing I see. Maybe I'm just more observant but I can tell a mile away if a kid has their shoes on the wrong feet. How hard is it to tell them to correct it?

It really gets my blood boiling but the fact that nobody mentions it makes me think I am over reacting.... so am I??