Hello ladies! I'm new here, but have been following the ttc boards for a while (just like most everyone lol). DH and I have been ttc our first for a few months now with nothing yet.

My cycles are incredibly regular with OV date on CD 16, and I get AF on CD 28. The past couple of tww's have been riddled with symptoms - everything from nausea, cramping, sore boobs - you name it, I had it. This cycle there's been basically nothing! Last night at 6 dpo I had some pinching and twinges on my right side of my uterus, and I had a little bit more CM but not excessive. It lasted a couple of hours and then I went to bed right after it stopped.

1-5 dpo I had a few weird dreams which I always thought were real at first. One where my dog was drowning and I had to jump in and save her (horrible and I woke up crying), and another was me getting a BFP with my best friend. But in the dream I was already 4 months pregnant lol. I also had a couple of intense headaches 3 and 4 dpo, that only went away when I drank water. I thought it was dehydration but I drank over a gallon of water both days and the headaches didn't stop.

Anywho, sorry for the long explanations but I'm not sure what to think of anything. Oh, I also started temping again after ovulation (I took a bit of a break since it was stressing me out), and found that my bbt temps are the highest they've ever been post-o yesterday and today. So I'm keeping an eye for a potential triphasic there!

What do y'all think?