I’m new here, but definitely not new to ttc! After 3 years of unsuccessful attempts, my husband and I were prescribed Clomid. 50 mg and then 100 mg. All were failed attempts, except this past Feb I had a CP. I gave myself an ovidrel trigger shot on 10-08 and had first IUI on 10-10. The waiting is so hard, so I broke down and tested yesterday evening 10-19. It was a faint positive, but I didn’t allow myself to get excited (close to impossible) because I knew the trigger shot could still be in my system. Curiosity got the best of me early this morning 10-20, so I tested again. This time the line was darker, so I am a little more hopeful. I had a digital test so I took it and it said I was pregnant also, so now I’m kind of wondering if it is still the trigger. I’ve put away the tests for today, but will test again tomorrow morning. Has anyone been through something similar? Any advice? Thank you!