Hi! HB is a phenomenal community composed of so many supportive ladies that I am hoping that people will be open to the concept of this board.

There are so many boards and posts pertaining to TTC, POAS, infertility (primary and secondary), ART, and IVF that I was hoping to make an all-inclusive board for anyone TTC who has had or is doing (or will be doing) an infertility intervention. Those who have successfully conceived using an infertility intervention are welcome to post as well.

I figured a good intro would be similar to that of the POAS board where each person replies to a number of questions as part of an introduction ... Here goes:

• How long have you been/were you TTC?
• What interventions have you done/are doing?
• Reason for intervention?
• Any successes?
• Current # of Children -
• The most difficult part of the process?