Hi Friends,

New to the site here, and really looking for support.

My husband and I have been TTC #1 for one year now, and we have never had a positive test. When I was 18, I had appendicitis, and at the time my doctor had said to me that it might be harder for me to have a baby. At 18, those thoughts never even bothered me. Well, now at 27 I am wishing I investigated this more back then!

About 2 months ago, I started seeing a fertility doctor because of the issue of my appendicitis. After a successful SIS, my tubes are clear! No blockages at all! But why am I not getting pregnant then?? RE thinks it could be related to adhesions on my tubes from the surgery back in the day.

Fast forward to now, RE wants to try clomid+trigger shot+IUI for 3 months, and then move onto IVF. He doesn't want to do much more than 3 months, because if the issue is the tubes, more IUI's aren't going to do anything if the tube can't catch the egg! RE said surgery is not an option as it could cause more problems!

On top of all of this, I have irregular cycles, ovulating as early as cd17 to as late as cd26...quite a range each month. And my progesterone is always low, cue prometrium suppositories each month after ovulation.

Because I am ovulating each month, he is wanting to start me on 25mg of clomid. Anyone have any response to this, or been in a similar situation? I am desperately looking for some hope at the moment...