So tomorrow is my 3rd (& final) round of IUI! We triggered last night and had relations this morning. I am wondering if there are any tips for increasing our success rate for IUI that you have either heard of or done yourself??

I am already going to acupuncture twice a week for infertiltiy, have been since January, & I will be seeing her for a treatment both before AND after the IUI procedure. But other than that, I'm really at a loss on anything I can do to help encourage this one to work! We eat a Mediterranean diet, primarily plant-based especially at home, and I'll be doing a berry & spinach smoothie every day with Acai-superfood blend powder & my acupuncture herbs. I know I have read before about McDonald's french fries after an IVF transfer ha, but this is obviously a different situation so didn't know if there was anything similar to that to try or do??

{For just a bit of background- we are completely unexplained infertility. I ovulate on my own & even have ovulation pains on which side the largest follicle is on each month. We started with charting, temping, & OPKs. Progesterone was 13.9 ng/mL on my own & 31.6 ng/mL after Clomid. HSG was clear (actually had to have it done twice due to an air bubble so it's definitely clear), Estradiol was 48, FSH 7.5, AMH 2.37. I don't know the levels but my RE also tested my Vitamin D3 & thyroid levels and came back within the normal range. We also had that one blood test that checks for the 3 main genetic birth defects (can't remember what it's called right now) but that was clear/good/whatever & I met with a genetic counselor who didn't suggest any further blood work was needed from us right now, just based on our family history. My husband's sperm is like crazy good- 255 million before cleaning last IUI cycle & 175 mil after washing! He is 35 & I just turned 33 on Friday. We have done one cycle of Clomid on it's own with my gyno, & this is our third cycle of IUI with Clomid/Ovidrel with monitoring. After this we will have to move on to IVF... & it frankly scares the shit out of me! }

As I'm writing this out, I guess I am just feeling incredibly out of control with this whole infertility process right now & I just want to know that I did everything that I COULD 'control' to help- if there's anything that can!! Infertility just really eff-ing sucks.