Hi- I'm new to this group but wanted to quickly share my story and hopefully get some feedback on how I should proceed.

My husband (30yo) and I (30yo) have been TTC for the first time for ~9 months. We had a fertility workup done and everything was normal except I was found to have an ovarian cyst and a questionable small endometrioma both on the left. I have perfectly normal 28 day cycles and get an LH surge every month on day 14. Given our difficulty conceiving OB recommended either clomid/IUI or both, but asked that I see an RE to see if safe to due clomid with my cyst. RE did feel it was safe. Also recommended I try progresterone suppositories as I usually get some spotting post-ovulation day 10 or 11. Last month by time we saw RE missed the clomid window do just did IUI and prog. Got BFN and very heavy period which started before I even stopped prog right on time CD 28. This month I did clomid but husband was traveling for work so missed doing IUI. Got LH surge day 14 and used prog again. This time no period came on CD 28, stopped prog and had just a VERY light period but with normal menstrual cramps 3 days later, last only 2 days. Called RE and see if that was OK- now wants me to take prometrium for 7 days to induce period and reset my cycle.

I'm so frustrated because I feel like the clomid really messed up my cycle. Not sure I sure really need to take the prometrium because maybe that was my period just very light and don't want to further mess up my cycle. If that was a real period I'm now CD 8 and may be getting ready to ovulate. If I take prometrium will likely mess that up. Just feel so sad to be missing a cycle, but not sure what the right thing is to do about prometrium.

Also wondering if I should just stop clomid and just do monitored cycles with IUI since I was so regular and ovulating every month- feel like maybe the hormones are making things worse. Also my RE is not monitoring my cycles which I think she is doing to help cut back on cost but I feel like I have no idea what happened with the clomid and why my period is so different this month

Any thoughts- should I take the prometrium? am I giving up on Clomid too soon? Anyone have a similar experience?