I saw my OBGYN after trying for one year+. With the addition of a sperm analysis before starting, she wants me to start Clomid. However, I'm not hopeful because I am ovulating each month like clockwork (OPKs plus temping tells me so), and my CD 3 blood work is normal. I'm going to try Clomid, but I'm not so sure it is going to help if I am ovulating fine? I'm honestly still a little confused about how Clomid would help me, but I need to do more reading I guess. She wants me to try for 3 months with Clomid before I move into RE territory.

I'm reading Hellobee, and it seems most ladies are monitored on it? I will get monitored on CD 21 only for progesterone. Hopefully this is OK? I trust my doctor, I just get a bit of a head spin when I am actually in the office and she is talking about all these interventions.