Let me start off by saying I know I am probably way overthinking this LOL. I’m getting on here to ask opinions because I’m pretty sure my husband will go crazy if I talk this out anymore with him.
A little backstory: it took me a year to get pregnant with my first child. I also had to have surgery in that time and was diagnosed with stage four endometriosis. I also have a luteal phase defect, and took clomid to get pregnant with my first two children.
With my third baby, I took vitex and got pregnant the first cycle I tried with it.
We want to have one or two more kids, and I feel a time pressure because the more cycles I have, the more my endometriosis grows, and the harder it will be to get pregnant. Also, I will be 35 in June, and if we want to have two more, we need to get on it.
Soooooo, we have been trying and I’ve been taking vitex, but no luck. My luteal phase was only 10 days this month, and I had two days of spotting beforehand, so not great. My doctor said she would start me on clomid in May, but I’m considering calling her and asking to start this month.
We’ve only been trying 3/4 months, but I feel like why “waste” another month not giving it my all since my endometriosis is growing and eggs are getting older LOL.
The other part of me is trying to stay rational and wait, it is just one more month.
Another consideration is we have a trip to Vegas for my 35th birthday, and if I were to get pregnant I would be either 4 or 8 weeks. I think I’d rather be 8 weeks if I wouldn’t be able to enjoy non-pregnancy friendly things (massages and drinks) anyway.
Thoughts? Humor my overthinking brain please