When I went to see my ob/gyn for basic testing since we had not been successful yet after 6 months of charting/timing/using OPKs, she suggested that I may need Clomid to help give me a stronger ovulation- especially since I had been ovulating on CD 17 and my luteal phase was short. Then I had bloodwork done (on CD21 I believe) and the office said my results were 'normal' but she would still give me a script for Clomid if I wanted.

I'm going into Cycle # 8 now and feeling frustrated with the process and confused on what to do now. I'm wondering if I should take Clomid for a bit to see if it helps me, even though I am ovulating. BUT I know that there is a limited number of times that you can take Clomid so I wasn't sure if it was important to test my DH before going that route. And if so, how do I have a SA done?? (My husband would prefer to wait until we've been trying a full year before using Clomid but that comes from a place where he hates taking any medication except vitamins unless he's really sick or it's a necessary treatment. So he even admitted it was more of a personal bias about drugs in general versus a strong conviction about Clomid itself.)

Any tips/past experiences would be greatly appreciated!!