Hello, TTC ladies of the beehive 🐝!

We are starting something different for our POAS board. We will have a rolling roster from now until the end of the year. This will allow for those of us with long cycles, sceduled ART (ICI, IUI, IVF/FET, etc.) procedures, and those who are due to POAS at the VERY end of each month to plan ahead and still receive the support of their fellow bees. I hope this format is a success. 🀞

I am beginning the "POAS 2019 - September to December Edition" board for those who need/want it NOW.
Here goes ...

Please, respond as follows for the board each cycle that you are to participate:

β€’ Cycle Day:
β€’ TTC Cycle (or months TTC):
β€’ Ovulation Date:
β€’ POAS Date:
β€’ Baby #:
BONUS, For Fun:
(1) Is there anything exciting you'd like to share?
(2) Do you have any exciting plans for the month (* holiday plans, vacations, reunions, anniversaries, or birthdays)?
(3) Are you trying anything "different" this TTC cycle?
... Also- if you wish, you may link your BBT chart (if you have one and want to share).

Best of luck for the remainder of 2019, ladies!