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12 Days Post Trigger- Positive Test?

  1. JessieKoger

    olive / 50 posts

    Here’s without flash. I’m trying to hide the test and take a pic while at work

  2. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @JessieKoger: I think it’s positive. Can you go sooner for your first beta? You know you have to have two to confirm the number is rising, two days apart- right? 😊

  3. JessieKoger

    olive / 50 posts

    @CatchAFallingStar: yes, they want me to call Wednesday and I will have first then.

  4. JessieKoger

    olive / 50 posts

    Hopefully this is still a good sign...?

  5. QBbride

    pomegranate / 3192 posts

    I know it’s not easy, but I think the best thing to do is to take a test with FMU and not take another one until at least the next morning with FMU to compare. Too many variables to try to compare lines in the afternoon (how diluted your urine is, when you peed last etc). Cautious congrats!

  6. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @JessieKoger: yeah.. a digital would not read positive this far past trigger of it was the trigger ... it’s positive!!

  7. JessieKoger

    olive / 50 posts

    @CatchAFallingStar: this is this morning. I don’t really care for the blue dye tests, but this is so light I can barely see it. I don’t quite understand. This is TMI, but I had a pea size of brown discharge when I wiped also.

  8. JessieKoger

    olive / 50 posts

    Okay, this makes me feel better

  9. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @JessieKoger: is it lighter than yesterday? I can’t tell.

  10. JessieKoger

    olive / 50 posts

    @CatchAFallingStar: today’s the day! Darker positive with FMU, but I’m having light brown blood now. I hope that’s okay. Just waiting to call dr

  11. bhbee

    cantaloupe / 6085 posts

    @JessieKoger: crossing fingers it’s just normal spotting! for your beta!

  12. yellowbeach

    nectarine / 2645 posts

    @JessieKoger: That line looks great! Fingers crossed for a lovely beta today!

  13. JessieKoger

    olive / 50 posts

    @yellowbeach: thank you!

  14. JessieKoger

    olive / 50 posts

    @bhbee: thank you! I called dr and spoke with nurse. She said it is common for that to happen. She asked if I had a fever, which I don’t feel like I do, and if I had any pain. Just slight cramps but nothing too painful. Waiting to go back for blood work now!

  15. LabradorLover

    kiwi / 548 posts

    @JessieKoger: Yay!!! So happy to see this! Good luck at the doctors!

  16. JessieKoger

    olive / 50 posts

    @LabradorLover: thank you

  17. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @JessieKoger: yay!!! That’s a great line!! Congratulations!!

  18. JessieKoger

    olive / 50 posts

    @CatchAFallingStar: thank you!

  19. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @JessieKoger: what was your beta number?

  20. JessieKoger

    olive / 50 posts

    @CatchAFallingStar: still waiting.. they said i should know by tomorrow morning

  21. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @JessieKoger: oh wow. Long wait

  22. JessieKoger

    olive / 50 posts

    @CatchAFallingStar: just checked online. 74.41!

  23. JessieKoger

    olive / 50 posts

  24. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @JessieKoger: wow! Definitely positive! How many DPO are you?

  25. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @JessieKoger: great number!

  26. JessieKoger

    olive / 50 posts

    @CatchAFallingStar: I think 14 or 15..? I can’t even think straight right now


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