I am 14 dpo today and I'm expecting AF today, tomorrow, or Sunday (based on a 14-15 day luteal phase).. My cycles are irregular, so I have no certainty when AF will arrive. My temps have stayed high. I think I had implantation around 8-10dpo as I had sore boobs and extreme fatigue (I felt like I was drugged). I have no symptoms now. I'm also not sure how long my luteal phase is but just took an average. I took a FRER test today and it came out stark white negative. Not even a faint squinter. I know I'm not out until AF arrives but just wanted some hope.

Has anyone had a BFP this late in the cycle and also had a successful pregnancy? Thanks all!

PS. This was a natural cycle with no fertility intervention. If I'm out this round, I will be going on letrozole on CD3-7 and HSG for my next cycle.