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April 2018 Moms!

  1. HappyBaker

    pear / 1749 posts

    @HeartAbandoned: congrats!!!

  2. HappyBaker

    pear / 1749 posts

    @birdofafeather: we had the 12 week first look / Down syndrome related blood work but because I’m under 35 didn’t get any other testing. This is the same doctor that was pushing an amino at 12 weeks for no reason so I feel like she’s just crazy pro amino!!

  3. HeartAbandoned

    clementine / 933 posts

    April 2018 Mamas:

    @ineebee: April 13, #2,
    @HappyBaker: April 16, #3,
    @HeartAbandoned: April 17, #2,
    @Running Elley: April 28, #4,

    I know I've missed quite a few - feel free to update the list and/or comment with your info! This is really starting to feel real!

  4. travelgirl1

    cantaloupe / 6628 posts

    EDD: April 7
    Baby: 3
    Sex: Surprise until we've told our kids

    We also had our anatomy scan today, I felt so nervous but everything looked good, thank goodness!

    We were planning to be team green but DH can read ultrasounds and said he knew, so I decided to find out because I figured it would be obvious when we were discussing names if he put less effort into one! Turns out his guess was wrong though so he would have had a big surprise in the delivery room! Oh and I have an anterior placenta, explaining the lack of movement.

    @HappyBaker: Sorry you have that worry hanging over you. I'm someone who worries all the time and needs all the information I can get so I would probably go for the amnio. It's a tough call though 💜

  5. MamaB

    cherry / 230 posts

    Glad to see everyone posting! Congrats on all the anatomy scans. I’m jealous. 😉

    EDD: April 23
    Baby#: 2
    Sex: We have our Scan 12/1!

  6. nanilani

    apricot / 323 posts

    I ended up getting the AFP blood test I was asking about a few weeks ago, and the results showed up this morning and everything is normal One thing I found interesting and have not seen elsewhere online is that my OB told me that a normal NT scan and abnormal AFP results could be indicative of placenta problems and not neural tube defects. She suggested the test in my case b/c of my history of low fluids in a previous pregnancy which could be caused by poor placenta performance (among other things). Of course once they deliver the baby, no one bothers to diagnose the root cause of the issue so I have no idea if it was the placenta or something else. It's nice to know everything seems to be behaving in there this time!

    On an unrelated note, yesterday at work I parked in a spot reserved for expectant mothers for the first time and felt kinda guilty about it Like there's a threshold for how pregnant you must be to use it?? (Obviously not). But it was the closest spot by a lot, I'd pulled a muscle or something near my hip, and I knew it was highly unlikely anyone else would need it given the gender breakdown where I work. So silly, but I was totally overthinking it.

  7. HappyBaker

    pear / 1749 posts

    Just had my 20 week check up with my regular OB and feeling much better about the umbilical cord artery - she said in her opinion there is absolutely no reason to do an amnio / even be worried if that was the only abnormality they found on the ultrasound. She also said even in terms of growth, in her experience it's been very rare to be an issue. She offered to let me switch MFM's but also said she has a feeling this one possibly had been sued or had issues in the past with NOT offering enough testing, which is why she is super crazy pro amnio.

    Also, she had trouble finding the heartbeat because baby was moving like a maniac, and I still can't feel any movement!

  8. birdofafeather

    GOLD / eggplant / 11788 posts

    @HappyBaker: what a relief!

  9. nanilani

    apricot / 323 posts

    I had my anatomy scan this morning and everything looked great! We're expecting our second boy on 4/26, although he's measuring closer to 4/30 which is dead on with my dating ultrasound back at 8 weeks.

  10. ineebee

    persimmon / 1468 posts

    @nanilani: Congrats on a great scan! They keep changing my date too - are you going with 4/30 now, then? I'm not sure how to calculate it.

  11. nanilani

    apricot / 323 posts

    @ineebee: No, I'm sure my OB will keep it as 4/26 (based on LMP). If she didn't change it at the dating scan, I can't imagine she'd change it halfway through when there is greater variability expected. I just found it interesting that the two estimates taken nearly three months apart were exactly the same. It also lines up with the due date I'd have predicted based on my ovulation date. My first guy is off the charts tiny -- I'm not used to having an average sized peanut!

  12. ineebee

    persimmon / 1468 posts

    @nanilani: I wondered why they did that, and wondered which is more accurate - the date based on LMP/O or scans. I think my OB actually changed my due date two days because that's what all the paperwork says now! Shrug. But I guess in the end it's just two days. Aaaaanyway, yay for a great scan and peek at your "average-sized peanut"! LOL.

  13. nanilani

    apricot / 323 posts

    @ineebee: I think my OB's threshold for changing due dates is five days. As much as I would like all the numbers to perfectly align, mine is only 4 days off :\

  14. birdofafeather

    GOLD / eggplant / 11788 posts

    guys, i'm just so bored! ha. i'm 20 weeks and don't have my anatomy scan til next week. DH wanted to be there because we're planning on this as our last so it's my last U/S unless needed later. we've also waited to announce so we're gonna make our christmas card design and then put in the sex of the baby and send them out ASAP after that. we're not even going to tell our families that we found out! i'm excited for that, but in the mean time, the crazy fire in So Cal were about a mile from our house and we're stuck inside because the air quality is awful. i'm glad we were evacuated and DH has actually been home because he's in training this week instead of at a station, but we're going a bit stir crazy!

    what's everyone else up to? enjoying the start of the holidays?

  15. CoolCate

    olive / 66 posts

    Was hoping for some advice/help. I newly work for a mom&pop construction company and recently got my hours cut due to the slow winter season. Luckily I qualify for partial unemployment. However, bc of their size, they dont offer STD for maternity leave and Washington doesn't offer state paid maternity leave. We only have a family medical leave act allowing me 12 weeks unpaid. I'm at a loss as to what I can do with out returning to work sooner and away from my first baby before I'm ready. If anyone has any advice or programs I can look into please let me know

  16. CoolCate

    olive / 66 posts

    Also sorry for being so absent! This is my first pregnancy so i've been very tired and absent minded, I keep remembering I need to get on here and participate and then forget about it 20 seconds later XD Hope everyone is doing well. We are doing great, 23 weeks and going strong

  17. MamaB

    cherry / 230 posts

    We had our anatomy scan last week. Everything looked perfect, and it’s a boy. My husband is over the moon!

    This pregnancy has been so different from my last with DD. I haven’t been as hungry, but it’s starting to ramp up now. I keep waking up between 12:00-1:00am and I have to get up and eat. It’s so annoying. 😂

    I’ve also picked up this runny nose and cough from my daughter which is so fun with my questionable bladder control while coughing. Ha!

    How are you guys?

  18. Kemma

    GOLD / grapefruit / 4006 posts

    Long time no talk, Ladies!

    We hit 21 weeks here this week and it feels crazy that we’re now on the downhill slide! I really need to get my butt in to gear and start working on the stuff I need to get done before this baby arrives...

    We had our anatomy scan two weeks ago and everything looked good! Baby was in the 59th percentile and lying transverse, I’m trying not grow another almost ten pound baby (thanks, GD) so fingers crossed my low(er) sugar diet and regular walking will help keep baby’s size in check! My weight gain has so far been minimal (2-3 pounds) so I’m taking that as a good sign (I was already 10-15 pounds overweight) but I guess the proof will be in the pudding when I go for my GTT right after Christmas.

    I’m constantly feeling movement and even my husband has felt it but my bump is on the small side which is probably a result of baby’s position.

    Hope everybody else is doing well!

  19. nanilani

    apricot / 323 posts

    @MamaB: OMG, I totally hear you on the questionable bladder control while sneezing and coughing! I'm on my second cold in three weeks thanks to my 2yo


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