I'm wondering if this is fair or not, because I never knew they did this. Everytime I return stuff to them without a receipt I'm always struck by how little I get back but I always assumed its because the price of the item had gone down. I found out yesterday that they actually only give you back about 60% of the current retail price back as store credit if you dont have a receipt.
The annoying thing is that I have their rewards card and usually all your purchases should save on the rewards card so you dont need the receipt for returns. But every single time I try to return something they "cant find" my purchase on the rewards card. I also have several boxes of babies r us brand diapers and wipes that I received as gifts that I want to return but they told me since I dont have the receipt they will only give me about half the price. For exampl a box of wipes that currently retails for $10.99 before tax, they were trying to give me $5.99 in store credit for it. Meanwhile it is intact and unopened so they will put it back on the shelf and sell it full price. And its their brand!! But they kept saying I cant prove I bought it from them? Should I just accept this? I got irritated and I refused to accept it and just left the store. It annoys me too because I've returned so many things to them and lost my money that way without realizing until the manager explained it to me yesterday