Short and sweet version:

I've been having mild contractions the entire month and was 3-4 cm 90% for the last 3 weeks so my ob and I decided that he would break my water and let nature take its course.

Dh and I got to the hospital at 9am
I was in my L&D room at 10am
At 11am I had my iv in and they started pitocin at level 6 or whatever. Haah
Prior to my iv being put in, I was having mild contractions every 5-7 mins.

At 1:30 my Ob arrived, checked me and I was still at 3-4cm and 90%. Was really disappointed that I hadn't progressed after 2 hrs

He broke my water at like 1:40.
And contractions got crazy.

At 2:15 I had my epidural put in and started feeling crazy pressure.

My nurse checked me at 2:30 and was shocked bc I was at 10 cm and she felt baby's head.. Hence the pressure.

They called my ob, he showed up and I started pushing at 2:53pm.

14 mins and 11 pushes later, our son Joseph was born at 3:07pm!
He weighed 8lbs 8 ounces and was 21 inches long!

My ob said our son has the broadest shoulders he's ever seen. -.- I had 2nd degree tears, but feel good!

No pain meds yet and I think I'll be okay without

Here's our little boy shortly after he was born! Can't believe we've a family of 4!

Thanks for all the well wishes, thoughts and prayers!!!