I recently found out that my first round of Clomid/IUI was unsuccessful. I responded well to 50mg of Clomid, but I only had 2 follicles and it turns out I may have ovulated before my IUI procedure.

This time around, I am going to go in earlier for monitoring. And if necessary, add injectables.

My doctor also recommended that I increase the Clomid from 50 to 100. I questioned this because I responded well to 50. I had one follicle at 20 and one at 27. I also didn't have terrible side effects, so I kind of want to stay put.

I have a call in to my RE to understand the increase more - but I thought I'd put the question out here. Did any of you increase Clomid from 50 to 100 if you responded well to 50? Is the reasoning behind the increase to see better follicle counts?