I have some questions/need some advice for an upcoming Clomid cycle. We're not telling anyone IRL that we're TTC, so I thought I'd come to you ladies!
A quick background - I have PCOS. Never ovulate on my own and rarely have a period. When I was TTC for baby 1, I did 2 rounds of Femara and a round of Clomid. None of which worked. We ended up having to do shots (fairly high dosage) and IUI to get pregnant.
Fast forward a pregnancy, a baby, and almost 18 months later and we're ready to casually TTC again. I went to my OB/GYN for my annual last week (she's not the one who prescribed me the Femara and Clomid before). We discussed it and she said she prescribes Clomid. If I have a period this month, I should start any day now. If not, I'll call next week and get some Provera to get everything going. I'm also taking a suppliment called Pregnitude that my RE told me about to help.
So, my question is, knowing how my body responds (or, rather, doesn't) to meds like this, should I start with 50mg or bump myself up to 100 of the Clomid? I have like a 6 month supply.
We're going this route b/c neither DH or I are ready to go back to seeing the RE. We want to just casually and stress freely give this a shot for a while and see what happens.