We just put a lot of money into redoing our basement and now need to furnish it. The basement consists of a family/tv room, laundry, half bath, toy room and unfinished storage. The thought is that we would all use the tv room as a family for years to come and this would be where we'd send the kids and their friends when they come over to play.

The tv room is long and somewhat narrow so we wanted a long sectional that has a chaise at either end. The question we're debating now is whether we buy a quality couch intending it to last a long time or do we go with something cheaper thinking the boys and their friends will destroy it. Our current family room has a couch from C&B that has held up really well over the past 5 years and we've put that thing through hell. I'm wondering if we cheap out now does it really cost us more in the end if we'd have to replace it sooner.

Curious to know other's thoughts. For context, we're talking about maybe a $2k-$2.5k on the low end vs $4k-$4.5k on the high end.