I personally have curly/wavy hair. But wore it sorta straight until I was out of high school and someone showed me how to use moouse and scrunch it. I am a very VERY low maintenance type person and don't claim any expertise in the area of hair.

My DD has crazy hair. Sometimes it looks like tight curls - almost as tight as a pencil. Sometimes it is just off the wall crazy. Sometimes she has wide curls. Sometimes it just has a little wave and almost looks like she's straight haired (definitely after she wears a hat! and more often on the second day after bath day).

Should I keep riding the 'she's too little to care' train until I can't anymore? Should I be doing sometime to define her curls more?

Here are some pics....the wet hair is just water - not gel or anything.

One day I tried putting product in and it lasted for about an hour before she went back to nutso hair. Hah.